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The pursuit and resolution of cowboy builders is complex legal area falling within the boundaries of many different laws and regulations. We have dealt with many cases and each one has been unique and has required a unique perspective to come to a satisfactory resolution. Many times, we see that communication has stopped between client and builder leading to a dispute. Other times, we have seen that it is a clear cut as the builder has simply disappeared with many thousands of pounds and has left either shoddy work, incomplete work or unsafe work. Sometimes, it's all three! Before considering legal action against any builder or construction company, we would advise you to consider Alternative Dispute Resolutiion (ADR). Litigation & advocacy is often an expensive way of resolving disputes however, sometimes it is the only way of achieving a resolution to your issue. ADR is considered a low cost and effective way of resolving building conflicts and should be your first consideration. Litigation requires the input of legal experts who deal with these issues daily, and are adequately qualified to advise you within the boundries of the law. Our company operates closely with specialised solicitors and barristers who are able deal with all the relevant legal avenues that can be taken. In legal cases we can also give you access to a Public Access Barrister who specialises in construction & homeowner dispute claims and is particuarly adept in pursuing rogue builders and monies owed. Contact us today and see how we can help.

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Our Legal Services consists of:

  • Small Claims Court - We can help you define your legal position and give you the help and advice you need when considering a claim in the small claims court. We can advise you on filling out your claim forms, where to send the forms, what to consider before going to court and preparing your case. Claims are allocated to the small claims court if they are worth £10,000 or less.
  • Solicitors - Our specialised solicitors are experts in complex homeowner disputes and are experienced in the field of construction contractual dispiutes. They can provide you with the expert legal advice you need and provide you with the necessary courses of legal action you can take.
  • Barristers - In serious building disputes where you may have been the victim of poor and unsafe construction involving many thousands of pounds, advocacy and litigation with an experinced barrister will almost always be necessary. BTCB have had huge success in this are in recent years. We have the experience to take on your case and give you a realistic vision of what is going to be achievable as a resolution to your case under the applicable laws.