Frequently Asked Questions

In moments of crisis, like dealing with a cowboy builder, you can feel like you have nowhere to turn. Here we have some of the most common questions and answers we get asked about our services. If you don't find the answer to your question here, please Contact Us and we will help you.

Beat The Cowboy Builder has a breadth of knowledge and experience that is second to none and is not available in non-specialist companies. With over 45 years experience, we have gained a wealth of knowledge of building and construction and how it should be completed to the required standard expected by you. There isn't a scam or trick we haven't seen first hand or had to deal with to help our customers. Our specialist services are catered towards you to help you avoid cowboy builders and confidence tricksters or to help you if you have been scammed by them.

We are experts in this difficult field and have helped many of our clients to date recoup the majority of the monry they have lost. Often communication breaks down between the builder and a client, or the builder simply never shows up again after having taken a large sum of money for a job they never complete. Call us today on 0345 475 2421 and we can help you immediately with our specialised services to recoup the money you have paid out.

The pursuit of cowboy builders is specialised environment, an environment where we are highly skilled and adept. This area requires the input of legal experts who deal with these issues daily, and are adequately qualified to advise you within the boundries of the law. We operate closely with specialised legal experts who are able deal with all the relevant legal avenues that can be taken. Whether it be Mediation, Arbitration/ Adjudication, Small claims court, or Solicitor/ Barrister services, they can advise you expertly and accurately. We can also give you access to a Direct Public Access Barrister who specialises in construction advice and claims in pursuing rogue builders.

We are an innovative leading specialist in all field's of Construction Management and advice for the prevention of cowboy builders and rogue traders. With many decades of experience, we are also the UK's leading specialist in Construction Consultancy. As leaders in the field of building and construction, we have grown and adapted over the years to become specialists in all aspects of how rogue builders operate and facilitate on building projects. Our main focus in our efforts, is to give protection to the house holder/ property owner and protect their desired works.

Have you had some building or construction done? Not Happy with the results? Have you handed money over to a company or person who have disappeared? Works not completed? Are you feeling like you have nowhere to turn? Call our specialist help line today and we can help you with any of these issues, no job too big or too small. Telephone: 0345 475 2421 or email: and get the help and advice you need.

Yes we can. Beat The Cowboy Builder is proud to offer a completely unique and innovative trade endorsement & recommendation service. Through our affiliated company the United Kingdom Federation of Builders we are able to offer you, for the first time, fully licensed, accredited, verified trusted trades. The very best local tradesmen, tradesmen that you can trust. Tradesmen that have been vetted and have qualified for accreditation through UKFB's stringent, tried and tested accreditation system. Whatever trade you need, contact us today, we can put you in touch with the finest building trades the UK has to offer.

Our Construction Consultancy Service is as unique as we are. We specialise not only in the resolution of construction problems after the event, but we can also offer you guidance and advice on the best way to proceed during ongoing works. Consumer rights are quite clearly protected in law and they have to be met, 'With reasonable care and skill – the service should be carried out to a good standard with no faults or flaws'. These rights apply to any and all service providers; Building/ Construction is a service provider, like any other, and as such is not beyond the law. We are the original and leading consultancy that operates this service, when it matters most, when people need the help of a professional to assist and guide them.

We are highly experienced experts in the process of planning projects, organising works and controlling resources to achieve specific project goals. We can actively deliver these processes for you or, guide and advise you to achieve these processes yourself on your own project. The constraints of project management are always time, quality and budget. We have extensive experience in this field and well versed to these challenges. Employing our project management services, ensures bad builders cannot access your works.

We are additionally fully adept in site management, often referred to as construction or building management. We are well versed in the responsibility for the day-to-day on site running of any construction/ building project. We have the experience to keep within the timescale and budget of your project, and manage any delays or problems encountered on-site during your construction works. If needed, we can be involved before site activity takes place, and be responsible for managing communications between all parties involved in the on-site development of your project. If you need the peace of mind that your works need to be completed on time and to required standard, you can't go wrong.

Contact us on: 0345 475 2421 email: or use our Live Support link and we can offer you the instant support you need.