Help & Advice

Beat The Cowboy Builder are the leading specialist in the field of Consumer Advice & Construction Management for the resolution of homeowner disputes and prevention of rogue builders. With many decades of experience, we are the leading specialist company in the UK to offer these services. We can offer you expertise in solving your cowboy builder problem that you will not find anywhere else. We can offer specialist advice tailored to your exact issue that you may have with a building project. We look at in detail at your issue and have a great track record in a successful outcome. We have learned that most people in crisis want one main thing sorted out, namely they want the building works finished or just put right so they can get on with living a normal life. Other times things are far more serious, we have dealt with many situations where builders turn up for a week or two, take a huge cash advance and then are never seen or heard of ever again.

Beat the Cowboy Builder are the number one leading force in help and advice on how to combat the menace of cowboy builders

Whatever your issue is, you can rest assured that here at BTCB we have the experience and expertise that you need. Whether you need our Construction Consultancy to consult and advise you on what to do in your time of crisis, our Site Management Service to take over and build your project to the required standard or, our Project Management Service to plan and organise your works, we have every service covered. In addition we can offer our Legal Services catered specifically for pursuing rogue traders and helping you in getting your money back. Prevention is always better than cure which is a phrase that is the very basis of our company values. Our company objective is simple, to empower you, the customer, in our pursuit to eradicate poor building works, rogue builders, rogue traders and confidence tricksters.